AC, WiFi and Customer Friendly Experience in State Transport Buses

From 5th August 2021; the long route travel will get a little more comfortable. West Bengal Transport Corporation is planning to start on trial basis; a few steps in long route buses for passenger comfort.
On the first run today, passengers on the Esplanade to Suri via Bolpur AC Volvo route will get a small good news. The passengers will get a free 500 ml water bottle during their journey. Additional bottles would be chargeable.
Moreover a small newspaper room with would be provided. The newspapers would be in 3 languages  (Bengali, Hindi & English) will be kept for reading of passengers during their journey. A small food corner would be kept with packed biscuits & snacks in the bus in a rack for seeking to the eager passengers.
Passengers can  buy this.Theses services will start from tomorrow on one route on trial basis. Later on this will be expanded to all long routes of AC Volvo. “This is being done to make the journey a little comfortable.” said MD of WBTC Rajanvir Singh Kapur.
In future; there are also plans to give free WiFi in the long route buses, starting with AC Volvos. WBTC runs many long routes to tourist destinations like Bolpur, Digha, Mayapur, Bakhali. In due course; the facilities will extend to all.