Medical Miracle: Rare Tumor Removed from Pancreas

SPEN or Solid Pseudopapillary Epithelial Neoplasm of Pancreas is a very rare tumor among pancreatic tumors and even rarer in males. According to International Medical Journals, globally, the pancreas tumor is found in 4 out of 100000 persons of which 1% is SPEN, more so 1% is male SPEN, so it can be counted as 4 patient per 100 crore person.

A 24 year male presented before Dr Suddhasattwa Sen with recurrent pain abdomen and history of Ileal Atresia (Congenital Intestinal Narrowing and Obstruction). After recommended tests and observations, the patients was diagnosed to have a SPEN of Pancreas Neck region and luckily was exophytic ( i.e less attachment to Pancreas and more of hanging or projecting out ) but was attached to SMV / Superior Mesenteric Vein and its branches. IHC or Immunohistochemistry proved diagnosis and thus, Dr Sen planned to go ahead with the Operation.

Speaking to News Sense, Dr Suddhasattwa Sen said, “considering his age, we prayed that he doesn’t need whipples which is a typical surgery for Pancreatic Head Neck tumors where many organs have to be removed together with multiple complex reconstructions. Luckily after painstaking dissection to detach all bowels from previous operation attached to scars and Liver and other organs, we could reach the area of tumor and dissect it off the SMV i.e the Main Vein and could do a local tumor resection/ enucleation along its capsule completely/ in toto/ en masse thereby avoiding a major complex surgery like whipples and its complications“.  

The operation with minimal blood loss took 1 hour 25 minutes and hence no transfusion required. After the successful operation, the patient was shifted to ward as no ICU required. The condition of the patient is stable now and he getting discharged soon.