Young Artist from Kanpur, Doing Big with Small Piece of Art

By Divyashree Mohanty

In ancient time, art was the only source of communication to make each other get familiar with the hints about their daily requirements. Gradually the art form become significant taking shape of alphabets and then the language, we speak today. Today a young artist from Kanpur in Uttar Pradesh is revisiting the history and doing big with her miniature stone paintings.

Harshita Sharma, a young stone miniature artist from Kanpur, India has her own business of stone paintings. Speaking with News Sense about her passion for stone paintings and what made her build her career over this, “After I cleared my 12th exam in 2018, I also passed admission test for joining National Institute of Fashion Technology, however my financial situation was not very great, so I had to take up coaching at my home to support my family as well as my studies.

She further adds, “A lot of my students brought their school projects and asked for my help. I went ahead and used my creativity. One day, to my surprise students brought stones home as a gift and I attempted painting on them. They took back their projects to school and told me they were widely appreciated. That day I decided to focus on this work and to make it my personal project as a career.

Besides, Harshita says that she has faced several obstacles and judgments from society and the people around her. It made her upset, but both her mother and father were very supportive in this endeavor of hers, which keeps her going. Harshita says, “My mother has always been supportive. She understood that this was new and wasn’t something to be seen in India. I am bringing something new to the culture of my country. My father was not affirmative about it initially. He too felt I was wasting my time and doing something which would not be fruitful. Now, they both are satisfied and proud of me.

Now she says, “I think one should have self-confidence and belief, which is tough. You should always follow your dreams. I want women to be inspired looking at this and take up doing what they like because we have the reach, the power, and the means to do everything we can, if we have the courage. We must challenge the notions of society and come up forward to fulfill our dreams.”

News Sense is glad to discover such young talents who think out of the box and come up with creative ideas. We appreciate Harshita’s innovation and hope for more youth like her to come forward and change the narrative of possibility with their own creativity.