IIT Couples braves odd weather to reach out to People with Oxygen and Medical Support

By Divyashree Mohanty

The country is passing through a tough phase, because of the Pandemic caused by COVID19. Many people have lost someone or other from their families. Inspite of so much of deaths and cries, the zeal to do something keeps the hope of life, awake. IIT Kharagpur Researcher couples Anirban Nandy and Poulomi Nandy are reaching out to the people in emergency crisis, with Oxygen and life saving medicines, braving odd weather in North Bengal.

They are supplying medical kits and oxygen cylinders, with the help of their team from door-to-door delivery. They are continuously updating social media platforms about cylinder supplies. Whosoever is in the requirement of medical help or oxygen cylinder can contact them.

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The annual budget of the organization is around 5 lakhs, which is mainly self-funded with contributions from friends supporting donors, educationists and activists. People are coming forward to help the NGO – Live Life Happily; still the organization needs generous support from people who can afford to stand by the cause.

Speaking to News Sense, Poulomi Nandy said, “To make the Oxygen Bank more strong, Professor and Sociologist Debayan Nandy has collected funds for the supply of an oxygen cylinder. This is our strength to continue our work, people from all walks of life are coming forward to help us.

Social work is not new for the siliguri-based IIT engineers turned social researchers couple, Anirban Nandy and Poulomi Nandy who co founded ‘Live Life Happily’ a few years back which runs a mobile library and sanitary pad bank for children of tribal communities in 30 villages and 16 tea gardens in 5 districts spread across North Bengal.

The ideal duo also plans to introduce additional skills training programs for children and youth. “So far unknown skills such as financial literacy and basic accounting need to be taught to youth to make them employable. Simultaneously, we intend to expand the reach of the mobile library to cover a larger number of rural girl children and encourage them to undertake vermin compost, mushroom cultivation, and organic farming projects. Our prime objective is to bridge the gap of education and health inequality and the gap between rural and urban children,” says Anirban.

News Sense salutes the efforts of Anirban Nandy and Poulomi Nandy as frontline warriors for the people, who are in severe conditions and also appeals to our readers to reach out to them and help them in their initiatives, as the couple are constantly trying to make this world a better place for everyone to live beautifully.