Young Painter Recycles Scraps into Canvas

2020 was desolating, as COVID-19 hit the whole world numb, over this period, many lost their daily livelihood, lost lives, and anxiety become our partner. But, some creative people have successfully employed the time amidst lockdown and discovered newer sides of them. One among was Hrishiraj, a college student and amateur artist, who turned scrap papers into canvas, saving time, money and environment.

Hrishiraj Majumdar, a student of Ashutosh College in Kolkata in pursuance with environmental science, discovered to put his talent of drawing on the canvas developed by recycling scraps from unused cardboards or hard papers received while purchasing things online. He came up with the interpretation of making canvas while putting his brush on it to crave out alluring paintings.

Hrishiraj’s Creations

Speaking to News Sense Hrishiraj says, “as I’m a student of environmental science, I have beheld the rate of pollution has been increasing over the years. So, while scrutinizing, the best remedy I came up with is to recycle, and hence, before preaching it to the others, I took the first step of making canvas out of the cardboards in which our shipments used to come our home. A canvas costs much, so why not I make one from the scrap when the painting is the sole intent.

Hrishiraj has started painting from a very tender age of 3 years and this has sooner or later turned into his hobby. His mother and father have always stood by him with this scheme and have accepted his stance.
The Video Story

Deforestation in higher rate across the world is a matter of grave concern. On the other hand canvas costs much. “This is my idea. I make things instead of buying them. Over the years I implied my knowledge for paintings can be given proper shape and so I initiated to put my feelings on the canvas by white painting firstly. While for the future, I have outlined to put on an exhibition of my work and uphold my efficiency in online and offline platforms” adds Hrishiraj.

The lockdown did have enforced much undoubtedly, but it is on us how we overcome and live-in the time in the most potent way. Nourishing the inbuilt talent is itself a talent. Recycling the waste has been a movement and papers on international seminars and conferences but how far we have paid importance to this issue. Now is the time to get inspired from young people like Hrishiraj, to showcase one’s talent on one’s term, No canvas? Create one!


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