Hope with Hemp, Young Entrepreneur’s Efforts for a Sustainable and Carbon Free World

Cannabis sativa – Hemp, which is commonly known as ‘Bhang’ in India is a plant species, bestowed with number of industrial as well as environmental benefits with the variety of products, which the plant delivers.

To understand and make use of the qualities of Hemp, young and vibrant entrepreneur Shailesh Ganeriwala has come up with a wide range of products made from Hemp under the banner of OG Hemp. The man with the mission wants people of the country to understand the plant which is carbon free, as its utility can ensure a sustainable future for the planet.

Shailesh Ganeriwala, Founder OG Hemp

Sitting in his laboratory cum workshop cum office, Shailesh says, “From 2018, we have entered into the Hemp Industry – and from that, we started the OG Hemp Company. Hemp is a wonderful crop that can absorb 4 times more Carbonthan any other crop. The fibre obtained from the stalk of Hemp plant is the strongest natural fibre ever found on Earth. We as OG Hemp Company are manufacturing ‘sustainable paper with no added chemicals’ from that fibre -thus no trees is needed to be cut to obtain paper.

He further adds, “The cellulose quantity found in the Hemp plant is much higher (70-80%) as compared to trees (25-30%). Manufacturing paper from plants which can grow in 3 months is much more sustainable and environment friendly than that of obtaining papers after cutting down trees – which generally take time to grow in not less than 20 years – thus checking deforestation & climate change.”     

Hemp can be refined into variety of products with industrial importance like – paper, biodegradable plastics, textiles, clothing, paint, insulation, biofuel and many more.

Uses of Industrial Hemp are listed as:

Hemp Seeds, Stalk, Leaves and Roots have mind boggling industrial benifits. Lets peep inside a bit, to find out some awestrucking facts.

Hemp Seeds provide huge medical contributions because of presence of Vitamin A, C, E and amino acids. Beside, hemp seeds are used in manufacturing fuel, body care products, food and oil.

The Hemp stalk is used for producing paper, manufacturing building materials, auto manufacturing composite materials and bullet proof vests.

The Hemp leaves are used in manufacturing pain relief medicines, and are good for animal breeding as well.

The Hemp roots are used as organic compost and nutrients. Also, for bone ailments and eczema the roots prove as a remedy as well.

Shailesh is also working on incorporating the plant into the policy level, as he says, “We are working with various government organizations such as – CPPRI, Kreja and ICRA in relation to Agriculture & development of this crop. We are finding that we are even recognised by government authorities to form a national policy against Hemp fibre because of the fibres are a great source of usage in many products.

The Hemp Industry and the Cannabis Industry have undergone a huge market lift in US and across the world over the years. Owing to the Present, economic scenario in India, government has responded on a positive note talking of the terms of the plethora of job creation for people and farmers around the hemp industry. On the parallel side, the industrial usage of Hemp in India can be an active agent to eliminate illegal trade of Hemp across India.

In India, Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh are the states which have actively participated as frontline volunteers to allow commercial production of Hemp across the country. Thus the unused lands in India would be actively utilized as industrial Hemp production areas.