Asia’s Biggest and India’s First Igloo Café Opens up in Kashmir

By Kriti Verma

Kolahoi Green Group of Hotels and resort in Kashmir has come up with an Igloo café in Gulmarg. Thus, India gets its first Igloo café and Asia’s biggest cafe in Kashmir’s Gulmarg which is around 15 feet high and a staggering 26 feet round inn with 16 seating capacity with a wonderful exciting snowy white sight.

The Manager of Kolahoi Green Group of hotels and resort Wasim Sham first came up with the idea of having a igloo café and opened it in his ski resort.

Speaking to News Sense, Umar Bhatt, of the Igloo Café said, “This café is well furnished and decorated with ice and lights, even the benches are made up of ice sheets, the food and skiing are also the center of attraction for the tourists. It takes around 15 days to construct the Igloo café and it will lasts till Feb as after that temperature starts rising and it is going to melt.”

Tourists going to Kashmir now have a new destination in Gulmarg to chill out in this Igloo café and enjoy the beautiful sight with delicious food and much more, as the café came up with this unique idea. The social media has gone nuts responding to this Igloo cafe and the people are welcoming it with cheers.

So, pack your bag and make your way to some beautiful time with Igloo café because there is really a heaven in Kashmir.


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