Musician’s Endeavour to Restore Rare Musical Instruments

By Tulika Bera

Musician Joydeep Mukherjee along with his love for music is also doing something unique, he is not just striving hard to bring back the illustrious musical instruments from extinction, but also bringing them back into the domain.

Joydeep Mukherjee with Mohanveena

Being a young Sarodiya of the Senia Shahjehanpur Gharana, the first and prime instrument that Mukherjee revived was the “Mohanveena”, which was originally devised by Pt. Radhika Mohan Maitra in the late 1940s. Along with this, he is conjointly trying to light up the musical world by the other two instruments namely: Dilbahar and Nabadeepa, which eventually with the fleeting years became out of sight, out of mind.

The most prodigious fact of this talented man is that he being a full-time professional marketing research and consulting for the last 11 years, he always finds time to follow his dreams and passion. His family stood beside him like pillars to brace his dreams come true.

Joydeep, started his training in 1987, under the first-rate hands of Pranab Kumar Naha, who is a noted disciple of Pt. Radhika Mohan Maitra. Along with this he is also got his hands on, “Tabla”, under the auspice of Pt. Debasish Sarkar.

Mukherjee can be rightly called a worshiper of music. Knowing the prized inventions which are now not heard off, inspired him to lead some of the instruments among the cluster so that people do not draw a blank of the heritage and tradition of music on the flipping of pages.

Speaking about the initiative to News Sense, Joydeep Mukherjee said, “It took me two full years for exploration and getting my hands on Mohanveena wholly. Before the lockdown, I performed with the Mohanveena on two international music festivals of the Dhrupad Festival in Benaras and International Veena Mohatsavam in Chennai. I was immensely appreciated by the audience and they were dumb-found with the tuneful tune of this instrument. But the only obstacle I faced was, these bygone instruments are not known by all. To let it out among the horde, I had to adapt the techniques, which is way far difficult.”

He further adds, “There are numerous artists out in the field, emerging, and everyone is running to be on the top. They want acceptance in no-time. I have been into music for the last 17-18 years still have not surfaced as a perfectionist. For my work life, I had minimal time to practice. So, whenever I got some free time, I played and practiced in the security room. This is because I strongly believe that, practice makes a man perfect. But eventually, with the demising years, I took my musical career at the frontline, and now I’m here today.”

Joydeep is now practising rare ragas with the instruments. His forthcoming work is to re-create the Rabindra Sangeet songs with varied musical instruments, which is expected to be before public in the upcoming few months.