Magical Girl with Bundle of Surprises – Poetry, Dance, Yoga and Culinary Art

By Anwesha Chakravorty

The wonder talent of City of Joy, Sreenita Banerjee is surely a Pandora of flair. At a very young age of 13 years, she is sparkling the world of art and culture with her awe-inspiring dance performances, profuse poetries, healthful Yoga, culinary skills and what not.

The amazing little talent is fanning You Tube, with her own channel, which showcases her mind-twisting dance performances. Sreenita’s fascination towards Odissi and Kathak dance forms have culminated into her never ceasing desire of gifting us with lavishing, eye-catching dance shows, performed and composed by this little wonder girl.   

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Sreenita Banerjee, a class VII student of Garden High School of Kasba, Kolkata is always inclined towards dance from her childhood days. The passion of dancing has bestowed her with the dreams to entertain our society and to establish a dance academy of her own. The talented soul has bragged quite a few acknowledgements by participating in various dance competitions.


Speaking to News Sense, Sreenita Banerjee , said, “Dance is my hobby. Dance makes me feel special yet happy. This art helps me to cheer up whenever, I feel down.  I have my own You Tube channel and I hope to increase my subscribers by providing more beautiful contents. Later on, I want to open a dance academy of my own. Not only dance, but also I love to write poems.”

Sreenita’s passion towards dance found its root from her mother, Sanjukta Banerjee. Sanjukta herself is a professional dance teacher in a cultural institution, Pancham. She provides Sreenita, training in Kathak Dance form. Being part of the Co-curricular activity club of her school , she gets the opportunity to learn Odissi from there. Sreenita is also associated with the Pancham institute, where she takes Yoga classes as well. 

Sreenita has a passion for dancing from a very small age. She is much more attracted towards Odissi dance form and she also indulges herself in composing this dance form . She has got the inspiration for Kathak dance from me, as I also coach her in the same regularly. She performs Yoga and also writes beautiful poems. The pandemic has blessed her with the time to polish her skills and to churn her dreams into reality. ” –said Sanjukta Banerjee, mother of Sreenita.

Sreenita’s Culinary Skill

The magical Bengali girl is a bundle of surprise which is yet left to be explored by the majority. She with her mesmerizing, rich talents is winning the hearts of thousand of people. Surely, she will leave not a single stone unturned to create more mind whirling performances in future and make everyone proud.