Glass Bottles Turned into Creative Showpieces

By Sana Ahmed

The year 2020 has brought unprecedented times for all of us, while we have been grappling with a lot of issues and trying to find ways to deal with it there are some who have left no stone unturned in making this lockdown worthwhile.

Kalika Jain, a Media and Corporate Communication Professional based in Delhi decided to utilize this pandemic by boosting her artistic skills. Speaking to News Sense Kalika says, “Art has always inspired me, my mother is an artist. I am thankful to my artistic genes that has helped me discover my artistic side too.” 

Kalika has a 8 year old daughter, who actively takes part in the art work. The mother daughter duo work on glass bottles. They decorate glass bottles and turn them into decorative show pieces. It usually takes 8 to 10 days to decorate a bottle as painting takes time to dry. Each creative piece has been carefully thought upon and named accordingly, each piece narrates a story.

Kalika has been pursuing this art of hers since the month of May this year, so far she has been able to finish 30 such creative pieces. Some of which she has gifted to her kith and kins. The artist also adds that this craft allows her to steal sometime from her daily routine of work and household chores.

Situational artists like Kalika, set an example for all of us, they prove that never say no. We can always chase our dreams or discover something new about us. Opportunities galore we should just be willing to explore and turn challenges that comes our way into opportunities, for doing something good, creative and meaningful.


  1. Amidst all the global turbulence, its heart warming to know that simple individuals from different walks of life are taking up “new found” hobbies and in a way discovering their hidden talents. It becomes a pleasant surprise when their works find appreciation and applaud by total strangers. “Serendipity” indeed. Thanks to News Sense for capturing and bringing such passionate work to the fore.

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