Feminine Power Portrayed Through Doodle Art

By Sana Ahmed

During the Navaratri, we celebrate and worship different forms of Devi Shakti, as Durga Puja symbolises feminine power also known as ‘shakti’. It is the festival of victory of good over evil.

Durga Puja is a celebration of Art and Imagination, we get to witness different forms of art from across the globe.  This festive season a young girl from Kerala, Annu Gangadharan has made a doodle sketch of Devi Durga in different forms. Annu, who is currently employed at an MNC spends her time working on wonderful sketches after a long day at work.

Speaking to News Sense, Annu says that “Art has always inspired me and I take a lot of inspiration from various other artists, I feel art helps me express a lot more.” Doodles are simple drawings that may or may not have representational meaning. It is usually just composed of random and abstract lines.

The young artist has worked on quite a few masterpieces other than doodle art, what is worth mentioning is the fact that she has never had any formal training but it is her sheer love and passion that has helped her master the art. She also runs an Instagram page named @art_inkquirer where she uploads all her work and accepts sketch requests aswell. It takes around 3-4 hours for her to finish a sketch.

Apart from the Goddess Durga sketch, the young artist has worked on other sketches of deities like Narasimha and others. She believes that art is one of the best ways to show that how diverse we are as a nation and how the amalgamation of culture invokes oneness — doodle sketch on Goddess Durga Ma is one such example.

While lockdown has been a difficult time for all of us but some people like Annu have chosen to spend their free time in doing things which brings them solace. Stories like these inspires all of us to keep striving and also helps to keep the hope alive that things are going to better soon.