Serving Living Durgas, A Ramakrishna Mission Jalpaiguri Initiative

On the auspicious occasion of Sri Sri Durga Puja, Ramakrishna Mission Ashram Jalpaiguri has recently distributed Sarees and clothes among 500 poor and distressed mothers in and around Jalpaiguri.

Since April this year, as part of its relief program, the Mission centre has been doing tremendous service to all sections of the society, from providing food items, clothes to the needy along with mask, Sanitizer, keeping in mind the ongoing pandemic.

Swami Shivapremananda

Speaking to News Sense, Revered Swami Shivapremananda, Secretary of Ramakrishna Mission Ashram, Jalpaiguri said, “We are trying to reach out to those, who are in real need in the interiors of North Bengal, including Tea Gardens and villages near Indo-Bhutan Border“.

Following are the details of service activities so far, Ramakrishna Mission Ashrama Jalpaiguri distributed 300 pcs Tarpaulin, 182 pcs Sarees, 300 pcs Mosquito net(Big size),75 pcs Baby Mosquito net, 600 pkt Chikki, 381 pkt Biscuits, 651 pcs Dettol soap, 336 pcs Detergent soap and 1228 Masks to  2674 beneficiaries of 614 families from lockout tea garden Red Bank TG, Manabari TG, Kariline TG , Bedabari (Baintabari) TG & Kumlai TE of district Jalpaiguri  on 26 August and  3 September 2020.

On 21  August & 3  September 2020, the ashram has also conducted free Medical Check-up Camp at Kariline TG, Carron Gate TG, Red Bank TG and Kumlai TE. 315 patients( 83 male, 196 female & 36 children) were checked and we have given to them free medicine, biscuits, Dettol soap and detergent soap as well. Apart from this we organized an awareness programme and explained the safety measures against Corona Virus disease.

Ramakrishna Mission, Jalpaiguri, has distributed ration kits among the poor and distressed families of Jalpaiguri and Cooch Behar districts, affected by the lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Till 8 June 2020, the Jalpaiguri Ashrama distributed ration kits to 5896 families in Jalpaiguri sadar, Mal, Belakoba, Nagrakata, Rajganj, Metelli, Dhupguri, Maynaguri, blocks under Jalpaiguri, Siliguri town(Darjeeling Dt) & Haldibari block under Coochbehar district.

08 June 2020:  The centre distributed ration kits to 30 families – Daily Labourers of Jalpaiguri Town.

07 June 2020: The centre distributed  Groundnuts – 300 kg, Dates -150 kg, Milk – 600 ltr, Biscuits- 3000 pkt, Chikki – 43.200 kg, Dettol soap- 807 pcs, Detergent soap- 600 pcs, Mask- 1200 pcs among 600 families in Nepuchapur TE, Lockout tea gardens Surendranagar TG, Red Bank TG, Dharanipur TG) , Laljhamela Basti,  Slum children of Jalpaiguri town, district Jalpaiguri.

24 May 2020:  The centre distributed ration kits to 128 families in Kasiabari, Block- Haldibari, District – Cooch Behar.

20 May 2020:  The centre distributed ration kits to 526 families in Totapara TG, Laljhamela basti of Dhupguri block, Kilkote TG of Metelli block & Manabari TG of Mal block, district Jalpaiguri.

18 May 2020:  The centre distributed ration kits to 666 families (296 Rozadar +370 Slum-dwellers) in Rozadar & Slum areas of Jalpaiguri town.

16 May 2020:  The centre distributed ration kits to 692 families in Lockout Tea Gardens- Dharanipur TG, Red Bank TG & Surendranagar TG of Nagrakata block & Lockout Tea Garden- Katalguri TG of Dhupguri block, district Jalpaiguri.

14 May 2020:  The centre distributed ration kits to 690 families in Bagracote T.G., Sonali T.G. Kumlai T.G., Bedbari T.G. & Nepuchapur T. G.Of Mal block, district Jalpaiguri.

12 May 2020:  The centre distributed ration kits to 350 families in Bhandapur T.G., Bhandiguri T.G. & Raipur T.G. Of Belakoba block, district Jalpaiguri.

Ramakrishna Mission Ashram, Jalpaiguri is now planning to start a youth centre to support talented youths in the rural areas. From April to October, the centre has spent more than 30 lakhs in such relief works and will continue to serve the people with the mantra of ‘Service to Man is Service to God“, as envisioned by Swami Vivekananda.

The best way to worship Devi Durga this year and in the years to come is by serving the mothers around us. If you wish to be part of this endeavour of Ramakrishna Mission Ashram Jalpaiguri, you can do so by contributing any amount in the following bank account.