‘Baba Ka Dhaba’ Drives ‘TRP’ on Social Media

Any good social action cannot be controlled or defined by TRP’s, it has been once again proved by the latest tale of Baba Ka Dhaba. 80 year old couple running a road side eatery to earn their living has been going through tough time because of the lockdown caused by Pandemic.

The teary eyes of Baba, of the Baba Ka Dhaba, who now earns between 40-50 rupees everyday attracted many to the eatery very next day as the video, shot by Swad Official a YouTube Channel went viral on social media platforms and people started pouring in Delhi’s Malviya Nagar area.

Today, the hardworking old couple earned more than 5000 rupees in a single day and it has been possible by the social action caused by a single positive post on social media and people from surrounding areas gathered to buy their food from the old couple.

It is wrong to say that people want to see sordid contents on various media platforms and that is why, media companies distributes the same, as this incident has once again proved that we are human and when hit, the inner human qualities of every human being are certainly going to ripple in the silent corner of everyone of us.