Monthly Ration for Hill Grandmas, A Ramakrishna Mission Initiative

The single grand mothers or old women in Darjeeling has the privilege of getting a monthly ration, consisting of grocery items and essentials from Ramakrishna Mission, Darjeeling. Braving the Pandemic every month they come to the mission complex to collect the ration, sometimes helped by young neighbours.

This month too, 63 Grand mothers or on their behalf, their neighbours collected the items, coming from across the hilly terrains of Darjeeling maintaining the social distance, following other safety guidelines. The initiative is partly supported by St Paul’s Darjeeling Old Boys.

Speaking about the initiative to News Sense, Swami Nityasatyananda, Secretary of the Ramakrishna Mission Nivedita Educational and Cultural Centre said, “We have started this initiative in the year 2016, where we give all needed essentials and grocery items to 63 old single ladies, who doesn’t have anyone to look after. On their behalf sometimes their neighbours collect the items from us“.

On 20th of every month, they reaches the mission complex at 10am along with the ration card, issued to them from the mission. The bag consists of rice, dal, oil, spices, salt, soap, detergent, biscuit etc. This time along with the items, they are provided with a set of mask and a sanitizer.

The Ramakrishna Mission, Darjeeling is now stationed at ‘Roy Villa’ on the Lebong Cart Road, Darjeeling and it is the same building, where Sister Nivedita of India (born Irish and made India her home on behest of the great Swami Vivekananda) breathed her last. “The boat is sinking, but I can yet see the sunrise”- these were the last words of this noble soul.

If you wish to contribute in this noble initiative of serving mothers in need, can contribute a small donation in the following bank account and can reach out to Revered Swami Nityasatyananda on the following number +91 9830289328 and +91 9433320004, Email:

Roy Villa

Account Details, Account Name: RKM Nivedita Education And Cultural Centre. Bank: State Bank of India, Darjeeling Branch. A/c No.: 33950237659. IFSC : SBIN0000063. All donation to Ramakrishna Mission Nivedita Educational and Cultural Centre, Darjeeling is Income Tax exempted under Indian Income Tax rule 80G. Donors must intimate their addresses in details after the transfer to issue receipts required for the centre’s financial audit.