‘Motivation’ To Students For Combating COVID19

‘MOTIVATION’ is a multimedia interactive document, which was formally released by ARMT Trust’s Chairperson, Prof. M.C. Sarma in the official website of the trust on Saturday. Later, the document is shared by the Trust on social media platforms as a motivational gift to students on the occasion of Teachers’ Day.

Rajat Baran Mahanta, the Vice Chairperson of ARMT said, “This document will act as a guiding light for many students of higher education who are being caught into the clutch of mental war during this lockdown period. It will help eradicate all noises within one’s mind risen out of the loneliness and accompany them till they stabilize for the future course of action”.

It is prepared as an outcome targeted document that will enable the students to dream big despite the livelihoods remain standstill due to the massive outbreak of Covid-19 virus across the world”, added Mahanta, who is also a former Joint Secretary to Govt of Assam.

At the time, when thousands of students are falling victim of depressions across the globe for witnessing their academic chores so badly affected by Covid-19, MOTIVATION comes as a handy book to reenergize their minds and channelize them towards positivity.

A total of 2 crore 60 lacs students study in different colleges, followed by 70 lacs students in universities and 20 lacs in the standalone institutions in India. “The basic objective of preparing this document is to stimulate more than three crore students of higher education of the country about different prospects of activities even after the confinement of spaces due to the COVID-19 pandemic”, said Dr. Ankuran Dutta, Managing Trustee of ARMT.

Dutta added, “This brief, but comprehensive document with 10 important concepts will enable human resources to foresee the new way of life that depends upon the mental strength rather than the physical one. It will motivate them to be academically and mentally healthy”.

The document has been highly shared and forwarded to students’ groups of different colleges and universities since it is publicly made available on ARMT’s website https://www.armt.in/covid-19. “We have also uploaded the document on our University website as it will help students to remain motivated in these difficult times”, said Prof. Birinchi Kumar Das, Vice Chancellor of Bhattadev University.

During the last six months of this Covid crisis, the Trust also prepared and produced the most circulated ‘COVID Katha’ a mass awareness multimedia interactive document on Covid-19 with the Department of Science and Technology, Govt of India. It also successfully launched the first of its kind campaign across the globe against the fake news on Covid-19 – #CheckTheFake on Covid-19.

ARMT or Dr. Anamika Ray Memorial Trust, is a Guwahati based nonprofit organization with focus on educational and research and is dedicated towards the upliftment of research and development activities in the field of media, education, ethnic community, communication for development, science, risk & health communication, communication for social & behavioural change and other related areas of media and social sciences.