Poll: Bastar Demands, Freedom From Violence

By Sana Ahmed

Exactly 40 years ago in the year of 1980 after the rain at about the same time, the leaders of the Naxalite movement came for the first time in the forests of Dandakaranya. The forest of Dandakaranya, as you know, is spread across 6 states i.e. Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Chhattisgarh, Maharashtra, Odisha and Madhya Pradesh.

According to official figures in the last 20 years, this violence between Maoists and security forces has killed more than 12 thousand people in which there were 2700 security personnels and the remaining 9300 were ordinary citizens. According to non-government estimates the death toll is much higher because of the killings in areas inside the forest are often go unreported.

We want to seek your opinion on how this violence can be stopped, which has been going on continuously for 40 years, where everyday citizens are being harassed and thousands of families are being destroyed.

If you want to participate in this poll, please give a missed call  on 7477 288 444. After which you will get a call from another number, request you to  please  attend the call and cast  your vote. This won’t incur any expenses from your end.

During the call you will be asked to press 1  if you think that this is a political problem and the solution is negotiation and Press 2 If you feel that this problem should be solved only with the help of violence i.e. police and military.

If you want to keep your perspective in detail on how to address this issue then please record your message by pressing 3. You will have  3 minutes to record your message after you hear the beep. Please don’t forget to mention your name and address along with the meessage. Please press 1 to confirm your recording after it is done.

If you are having any difficulty in voting or need more information about this please call the new peace process at 8602008333/444

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