Fact Check: Mountaineer Narender Yadav Summited Mt Everest ?

Mountaineer Narender Yadav, is nominated for ‘Tenzing Norway Award’ the country’s highest award in adventure sports this year, which the youngest mountaineer of Haryana is all set to receive on 29th August 2020 from the President of India.

The Viral Facebook Post

But as soon as the news of his selection was made public, many mountaineers across the country have come together saying, Narendra Yadav never summited Mt Everest, which the mountaineer has claimed to have summited in the year 2016 and on the basis of which he is selected for the Award.

When the information came to us, we first tried to reach directly to the Mountaineer Narender Yadav, after several attempts we found his number, but found it switched off. We also found the contact number of his uncle, who assured us that he can share the contact details of Narender with us tomorrow.

Meanwhile, with available resources we started our investigation. We received a picture of Narendra Yadav, which he claimed to have clicked at the top of the Everest.

There were several dissimilarities on the picture. First, the shadow of Narendra’s body is falling on the opposite direction, on the left side, while beside him there is another climber, the shadow of whose boot is falling on the right side.

Secondly, there is no effect of the wind, which according to other climbers, is uncontrollable on the top of the Everest. Thirdly, his face is covered and he is wearing oxygen mask without a pipe or cylinder. Fourth, his sunglasses doesn’t have any kind of reflection and is clear.

The picture clearly indicates that the image may have been photoshopped several times, before sharing on various social media platform.

We then tried to contact several mountaineers and found Narendra Yadav’s team leader during his 2016 Summit to Mount Everest, Naba Phookan from Assam. We spoke to him over phone, we were shocked when Phookan revealed, the Narender was not successful in his summit and said, “Narender had return to the base camp from death zone because of the lack of oxygen cylinder, I was his team leader and seeing insufficient oxygen cyclinder I told him to return back and he returned along with Sima Rani Goswami, another Mountaineer“.

So, going by our investigation, we are can say that Narendra Yadav has never succeeded in scaling the Mt Everest.

NB: Don’t share or forward any misleading information on your social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp, by doing so you are also becoming someone, who is creating panic and confusion among the larger mass and this is a punishable offense.