Dancing Sensation from Tripura Reaches National Dancing Competition ‘Dance Mumbai Dance’

By Shreoshi Nath

Nikita Banik, from Tripura has reached top among the contestants of National Dancing Competition ‘Dance Mumbai Dance’ organised by Dancing Star Academy. In order to win the competition, now the 19 year old dancer requires the support of the viewers, who will view and like her video, as the competition is online, due to the ongoing lockdown because of Pandemic.

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Speaking to News Sense over phone, excited Nikita said, “First, they selected 22 people and then on the final audition there will be only 4 contestants. The final competition will take place in Mumbai and it will be judge by Tushar Shetty. At ever level I need support from the audience to get maximum votes”.

Nikita Banik Dance Video

Self trained Nikita has choreographed her own dance for the competition and occasionally helped by senior masters. She has a strong inclination towards dance from a very young age. Now, she wants to learn dancing more professionally and wants to make a career in dancing.

In the midst of on going pandemic, Nikita has came out as an inspiration for the youngsters, who has chosen the path creativity to fight depression and self isolation due to the prevailing situation.