‘Khoj.City’ Promoting India’s Art, Earning Dignity and Livelihood for Artisans

By Sana Ahmed

India is a land of diversities, rich in art, culture and heritage which are significantly reflected in the art and crafts developed here by unsung, nameless creators and artists. Each craft reflects culture, tradition and history of the land. And to promote this unique artistic heritage of India, Khoj.City is working to promote, preserve and also earning livelihood to the artists.

The brain behind this noble initiative of transforming the lives of the artisans from across the country is Nitika Ghosh, who with the support of her friends started Khoj.city in the year 2019. In a very short span the enterprise has emerged as a potent platform for artists to showcase their creative talent while earning them a respectable means of livelihood.

Speaking to News Sense, Founder and CEO of Khoj.city Nitika Ghosh says, “We accept products from the remotest areas of the country. The products range includes handmade gifts, art collectables and paintings, stoneware and ceramics, hand painted jewellery and accessories, and handcrafted sari etc.” Initially, the project went live with the jewellery Nitika had hand painted as a test product on the Khoj.city website. 

It is noteworthy to mention here that all the handicrafts available on the e-commerce website are the creation of the artists, who were pursuing arts as a hobby. Nitika scouted for like-minded creators on social media and received a good response from housewives as well as corporate women who were passionate about Art. Khoj.city has now grown into an eight-member-strong team, handling a community of 25 artists nationwide and serving 20 orders per day. They also have plans to expand this initiate globally soon.  

Khoj.city is a happy place with zero hierarchy, which encourages it employees to update their skill sets every month by attending an event related to their field anywhere in India says Nitika. With the vision of “bringing the world closer” Khoj.city enables us to revive the memories of our childhood without actually having to travel to that place. 


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