Foodman Chandra Sekhar Kundu’s Marathon Kitchen Feeding 3000 in Sundarbans

Chandra Sekhar Kundu, popularly known as “Food Man” for his feeding initiative for more than 4 years has reached Sundarbans to be with the people, who are homeless and without food and started running several Marathan kitchens serving free food to people for past two months.

The Video Story

Cyclone Amphan hit Sundarbans, the largest delta on earth on May 20th, 2020, which left thousands of people without home, livlihood and food. It is then Chandra Sekhar Kundu with his team of volunteers reached Sundarban and started the Community Kitchen which is feeding around 3000 people everyday.

Kundu, who is the founder of FEED (Food, Education and Economic Development) first open a Community Kitchen in Kultali on May 23, two days after the devastating cyclone, serving food to 600 people from 200 families. As the demand of food started pouring in, four other community kitchen services were started at Sandeshkhali, Nyajot, Chituri, Mousuni  Island and Baburamchak at Kultali. 

Speaking to News Sense, Kundu said, “I have started this in Sundarbans since 23rd May, two days after Amphan and it is already two months now. We had constraints in drinking water and transporting the food“.At the community kitchen, nutritious food is served composed of Rice, Lentil and Soyabean cooked with potato. Everyday cooking starts at morning 3am maintaining all hygiene.

He further says, “we start cooking at 2:30 am. Several organisations have come forward and donated me to continue feeding people. It’s July and we are continuing to feed people of Sundarbans“.

Besides feeding, Chandra Sekhar is also helping the villagers to clean their ponds and build earthen dams. The saline water of high tides have destroyed the fertile soil and killed fish in all the ponds. As he emphasised, “So far, 40 ponds have been cleaned by us so that people can continue with their livelihood. Fishing and cultivation are the two main occupations here“.

Computer Science Teacher at Asansol Engineering College, Chandra Sekhar Kundu’s, initially thought of running the service for a month, but as demand of food is started pouring in every new day, Kundu is thinking of continuing the kitchen services. Anyone who wants to fund this initiative can come forward and help Chandra Sekhar Kundu.

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