COVID Survivors Teams up as ‘COVID Care Network’

Report: Sana Ahmed

COVID-19 survivors in Kolkata have come together to address the COVID worries, which most of the people have been grappling under. A lot of myths associated with the virus have been doing rounds since the time this deadly pandemic has hit the planet.  A lot of questions and concerns related to COVID are there in the minds of many and to help them address their worries, COVID Care Network composed of COVID survivors, Doctors, and COVID associates is helping people understand the virus and its behaviors through their experiences.

When Guinness Book of World Record holder Mountaineer Satyarup Siddhanta’s 74-year-old uncle with a co-morbid condition contracted the virus, it sent him into a spin. “We had to go through a lot ordeal fearing the stigma that comes along with Covid-19” says Satyarup speaking to News Sense. It is then that he approached his friend, model Madhabilata Mitra, who had undergone a similar ordeal when her mother had contracted the virus.

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Both Satyarup’s Uncle and Madhabilata’s mother have recovered and are now at home but their journey of finding the correct hospital and the stigmas associated with COVID-19 made them realise that something should be done to help people so that they don’t have to go through the same ordeal as them. This is how the COVID-19 care network was born.

COVID Care Network aims at reaching out to the needs of the COVID patients, support them and their kith and kins with counseling, guidance to allay fear, stigma, and ostracisation through various platforms using creative means, thereby giving them a hope and inspire them to fight with a positive attitude. 

Risk- stratify an individual based on algorithms to assess the need for urgent or early hospitalization and early identification of comorbidities. They also guide and coordinate on mainstream public sector initiatives on hospitalization, ambulance availability, and triage medical care.

The network also has experts and volunteers to provide advice and counsel on social support as well as medical matters. They have a toll free 24/7 helpline no 1800-889-1819. Violinist Pallab Banerji who is a COVID-19 winner has composed theme music for the CCN helpline.