Avelo Roy’s life as Documentary by Dr Krisztina Danka and New York Film Academy

A documentary film based on the life of renowned Startup mentor and serial Tech entrepreneur Avelo Roy has been released online recently. The film titled Avelo Roy – A Spiritual Millionaire’s Journey from Victim to Victor, directed by renowned documentary filmmaker and academician Dr. Krisztina Danka in collaboration with New York Film Academy, depicts the life, that evolved from being a bullied school kid to becoming a spiritually conscious successful international famed entrepreneur.

Avelo Roy, who currently runs the largest startup incubator in East India Kolkata Ventures with over 400 revenue-generating startups, responsible for around 4500 new jobs created in 10 states of East India, is indeed an inspiration for many and who dreams to transform Kolkata into the Silicon Valley of India through his company Kolkata Ventures

The Micro Documentary Film

Avelo, whose life’s mantra is success with happiness, reacting on the documentary film says, “Dr. Danka had mentioned a few times that she found my story quite interesting and wanted to do a documentary on me. I honestly thought that she is just being kind to me. Recently, she scheduled a time over zoom and told me that she wanted to record me over zoom and produce a micro-documentary. I agreed and did a recorded zoom video call”. 

He further says, “She asked deep questions which I didn’t mind answering. I guess that’s my evolution. I am beyond my insecurities and embarrassments. I am bold and honest without a trace of wanting to be a crowd pleaser. Her questions brought back happy and sad memories. At the end I saw tears in her eyes. It was a touching moment for both of us”.

The journey of the documentary began when Dr Krisztina Danka for the first time met Avelo in February this year in Mayapur, near Kolkata where she was filming with a crew at an international convention. Once she learned about his interesting journey, she decided to make a film about him some day. 

She went back to America, but both of them stayed in touch. Meanwhile, as Krisztina was transitioning from being a feature-length documentary filmmaker to producing “micro docs”, which is a new and hot, short format film genre, with the New York Film Academy. She decided to make her first micro docs about Avelo and as Avelo agreed, the film becomes a reality. 

Speaking to News Sense, Filmmaker Dr Krisztina Danka said, “For me, filmmaking is a “treasure hunt”. Wherever I travel in the world, I always on the lookout for inspiring people and stories that have the potential to give hope, joy and uplift the spirit of millions of people. That’s why I named my filmmaking company Karuna Productions (www.karunaproductions.com)”. 

She further adds, “I want to serve as an agent of spreading compassion and kindness in the world, not only among people, but towards every living beings, including animals and Mother Nature”.

Speaking on Avelo as the subject of her first Micro Doc, Dr Danka said, “I fully believe Avelo’s story, too, is such a treasure that is worth sharing with not only Indians, but the rest of the world. What I personally find the most inspiring about him is his humility and service attitude. He brings spiritual values into circles that have been devoid of sensitivity towards other human beings. He brings heart and kindness to a field that was historically built on exploitation. With his shining example, I believe, Avelo leads the way to a more just, kind, and better future”.  

The short, ten-minute documentary Avelo Roy – A Spiritual Millionaire’s Journey from Victim to Victor shows Avelo’s journey with its ups and downs from his childhood to who he is today. Due to the lockdown, the idea to film in person was not possible; therefore the interview was conducted online via Zoom, Avelo in India, and Dr Krisztina Danka in the USA. For better audio and visual quality, they could have waited until the pandemic was over, but both of them felt that it was now that the people needs some inspiration in their lives, more than ever. 

Dr Krisztina Danka is planning to make a full-length documentary about Avelo with an international filmmaking crew in coming future, as she says, let’s just hope these dark, trying days are over soon.

Serial Tech Entrepreneur, Investor and TV Host, Avelo Roy started his first startup at the age of 19 years, around his patent pending technology while still studying as a computer engineer at the Illinois Institute of Technology. He built it to a multi-million dollar valuation by the age of 22.  

Since then he has built 8 Businesses in the US and India with multi-million dollars worth of products and services ranging from consumer electronics, artificial Intelligence systems, healthcare process automation, food science, wireless communications, wearable technology and graphical password applications.

Apart from his engagements with Kolkata Ventures, he is associated with ECC Engineering Pvt Ltd as its Director. He is in the Board of Advisors, Amity University Online. He has been former Startup Advisor to the Prime Minister of Nepal. He is also a Guest lecturer, associated with Illinois Institute of Technology, Northwestern University, IITs (Delhi, Bombay, Kharagpur, Bhubaneswar, Goa, Hyderabad and Guwahati), IIMs and other universities. 

As the great grandson of Sarojini Naidu (Poet, Freedom Fighter and first female governor of India), Avelo continues the legacy forward by tirelessly serving the Indian youth through entrepreneurship education using lean startup methodology and principles of Bhagavad Gita. Avelo’s management style is derived from the principles of Bhagavad Gita. 

Avelo, who is also a prolific orator and TEDx speaker says, “Being honest is liberating. Given the age of social media and fake news, many young folks feel they have to perpetually fake happiness and success. Be real. People will love you more for your human-like tendencies. Your falls and your rise from those falls inspire others. That’s more exciting and relatable. Just look at our most popular epics Ramayana and Mahabharata. Thousands of years later they are still relatable and popular as ever before”. 

He further adds, “Be bold, be honest and be a producer. Build things, design things, create online or offline. 99% are consumers only 1% are creators and entrepreneurs. Know that the 1% decide the future of our country and the 99% follow. Who do you want to be?”

He is an influential youth icon with a monthly reach of 200,000 youths over social media.