Fact Check: PM’s Message Claiming COVID19 at its Peak in India

Factcheck By Pooja Basu

This message on social media particularly on WhatsApp has been circulating vividly since Unlock one. In the message, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is seen requesting citizens to strictly stay at home and not to leave home in this crucial time. Moreover, it compares India with Italy, the worst coronavirus hit country.

The Fake Message

From the very look of the design and WhatsApp clearly signifies that it is a Fake message. Still, as part of the fact-checking mechanism, we check with government authorities and followed recent releases from Prime Minister and found no such guidelines have been issued by PMO.

While reading the text, we also found various spelling and grammatical errors, which is not expected in a sensitive official statement. If you closely observed, the picture of the Prime Minister is also used in an improper manner. Thus, altogether this message is clearly a fake one.

Claim: Worst Time is Starting, Peak Stage of Coronavirus Transition

Conclusion: The time is anyway not good and it is always advisable to stay safe maintain social distancing and wearing masks.

NB: Don’t share or forward any misleading information on your social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp, by doing so you are also becoming someone, who is creating panic and confusion among the larger mass and this is a punishable offense.