Special Father’s Day Celebrations with the Guards of Eco Park

No child can deny the hardship and care of father and mother respectively. What we are today is because of the guidance, care, and love of our parents, which comprises of both our father and mother. This year father’s day is special because braving all risk amidst pandemic in order to sustain the family, fathers are out for work so that their families can stay safe at home.

To honor such brave and responsible fathers on the special day, CekTek, a New Town based Bakery chain came forward and distributed cakes to 50 security guards of Eco Park, New Town. Eco Park is the biggest Eco Urban Park in India, spread across 480 acres of land surrounded by water bodies and theme parks.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Debashish Sen, IAS, Chairman, New Kolkata Development Authority or NKDA, which is also the custodian of the theme park, appreciated the gesture of CekTek and said, “We celebrate the contributions of Mothers but we cannot ignore the contributions of our fathers and on the ‘International Father’s Day’, if we think about the contribution of our fathers, this day will be more meaningful“.

Meanwhile, the owner and proprietor of CekTek, Shree Dutta said, “we are extremely happy and honored to get an opportunity to celebrate Father’s Day along with the fathers, who relentlessly help everyone in our day to day activities without caring much about their own health, risking their families during this pandemic. We are also very much thankful to honorable Mr. Debashish Sen, Mrs. Urmila Sen, Mr. Gopal Ghosh, and his associates from NKDA at Eco Park to make our small initiative a great success“.

Though it was a small but noble gesture, the program brought happiness and smiles to those unsung heroes, who help us directly or indirectly every day, making our life easier to live on this beautiful planet.