Ramakrishna Ashram Dehradun and COVID Relief

By Shubhankar Ghoshal Roy

Ramakrishna Mission Ashram Dehradun, started COVID-19 relief and awareness program on the first week of April, after the nationwide lockdown was declared by the Government of India, to aid all struggling families affected by the lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The program was headed by Swami Asimatmananda, Secretary Ramakrishna Mission Ashram Dehradun and Swami Dhyanasthananda along with monks, volunteers and wellwishers.

So far, Ramakrishna Mission Ashram Dehradun has successfully supported over 800 families by distributing several basic amenities, such as Detergent powder 1000 kg, Washing soap (100g) 1000 pcs, Liquid Hand Wash (250g) 1000 bottles, Hand Sanitizers (200 ml) 1000 bottles, Face masks 1600 pcs, Biscuits (200g) 2000 packets, Rice 42.5 quantal, Wheat 42.5 quantal, Rajma 8.5 quantal, Refine Oil 8.5 quantal, Dal 8.5 quantal, Jaggery 8.5 quantal, Salt 8.5 quantal, Haldi & Mirchi Masala 5 quantal, in areas such as Veer Gabbar Basti, Jakhan, Rajpur, Sahartradhara road, Kishanpur, Malsi, Kandoli, as of now. The distribution started on 9 April 2020, and the Ashram is still tirelessly working hard to serve the community and make a positive change in society. 

Ramakrishna Mission is serving the community with the Moto “The Godward passion pours out as a manward love & Services.” Swami Vivekananda established Ramakrishna Mission in the year 1897, 1st May at Calcutta with the motto of “Atmano mokshartham jagat hitaya cha” for the salvation of one’s own self and also to do good for the world (Self-enlightenment and Social upliftment). From that time onward this holy order and its monastic members and well-wishers have been trying their best to fulfill the motto by practicing these twin ideals. Service is in the blood and marrow.

Sudarshan Maharaj

Speaking to News Sense, Secretary of Ramakrishna Ashram Dehradun, Swami Asimatmananda is popularly known as Sudarshan Maharaj said, “Worship of God and the services of the people in society are not different things standing apart.” He further added, “Whenever there is any natural calamity Ramakrishna Mission is always ready to worship God in human beings without any distinction of caste, color & creed. Due to COVID-19 demands service the more and more needy people. Keeping this in our mind Ramakrishna Mission Ashrama — started the relief work on 7th April,20 onward till today.”

Moreover, Sudarshan Maharaj Ji says, “Science and Spirituality go hand-in-hand, without each other, neither can exist. In the testing times of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is our duty to serve God by serving the people. He then quoted Sri Ramakrishna Paramatma and said, “Service of Human Being is Worship of God.” He further elaborates by explaining, “You go to the temples to see God with closed eyes, and see the same God with open eyes when you serve mankind, that is spirituality!” 

Conclusively, he says, “Divinity is in you, me, and everyone when you serve human beings, the divinity, seeing the God inside you will strengthen your conviction and moral beliefs and you’ll truly be able to enjoy worshiping the God in front of you.” Ending his interview, he says, “Ramakrishna Mission will always be there, wherever there is a disaster, to help the society and reach divinity.”