Recovered cases exceed active COVID cases, for the first time in India

As the country is passing through a phase of uncertainty along with other nations of the world, some positive trends recently is going to give some positive hopes for now, as if Coronavirus trend are to be followed, for the first time since the outbreak of the Pandemic in India, trends shows recovered cases exceeds daily active coronavirus cases. 

According to an statement released by Health Ministry at 10am, on 11th June 2020, “as many as 5823 patients are cured of COVID19 in the last 24 hrs. Thus the total number of recovered patients in India now stands to 141,029, whereas the number of active cases is 1,37,448. So far the confirmed cases in India is 286,579, while the number of deaths is 8,102”.

The trend was similar on Wednesday too, when as many as 5,991 patients were cured of Covid-19 taking the total number of patients recovered to 1,35,205, while the total number of active cases are now 1,33,632. It is for the first time, the total number of recovered patients has exceeded the active cases. The recovery rate thus now stands at 48.88%.

Though experts are of the opinion, it is too early to jump at any conclusion now. As many of them are of the opinion that a comparison of the cumulative data of active and recovered cases may not give a correct picture of the course of the pandemic. 

If global trends are to be observed, according to Johns Hopkins University data, the number of active cases (about 34,50,000) is almost 70,000 more than the recoveries yesterday. Most of the countries with a high number of cases have more recovered cases than active cases. According to the University data, India has the 29th highest recovery rate among the 50 countries with the highest case count. The recovery rate in Germany is 91%, Turkey 84%, Israel 83%, Iran 78%, Italy 71%, Spain 62%, and Russia 49%.