‘Hospital Man’ on Food Delivery Mission Amidst Lockdown

Meet Partha Kar Choudhury popularly known as ‘Hospital Man’, for his free food delivery service, which he renders to the relatives of patients in different government hospitals of Kolkata. Amidst the ongoing lockdown because of the Pandemic, hospital man continues in his mission to provide food every afternoon, but at the same time faces criticism from people in his neighborhood. 

The journey began more than 2 years back, when seeing the difficulties of needy patients and their relatives in government hospitals he started his work to bring food to the hungry, needy and distressed. 

Every morning, the 50-year-old resident of South Kolkata’s Rashbehari shops, cooks the food, transports, and distributes the meal to more than 150 people. Now, additionally, he is providing food to another set of people who are on streets and hungry. He maintains all the mandatory guidelines like maintaining social distance, hand wash, and wearing the mask. 

But because of his service, which demands his regular presence in everything from buying to distributing the food, people in his area are suspicious about his health and doesn’t want to help him in his activities, as speaking to News Sense, Hospital Man says, “Even the tea shop owner in my neighborhood doesn’t want to give me a cup of tea, because he thinks I am infected, but I am not, as I maintain all precautionary measures. I cannot stop my work as people still expect me to be there on time to satisfy their hunger”.

Hospital Man says, he will continue his work of providing food to relatives of patients in different hospitals of the city, with the zeal and enthusiasm like before, though people may ill-treat him but many are there who really needs food to survive.