Free Community Market for LGBT Community in Kolkata

15th May is observed as World Family Day, but this time it is observed differently by the members of Tarun Mahal, by organizing a Community Market for the LGBT Community, who Like any other member of the unorganized sector have been struggling to live for the past two months.

Members of Tarun Mahal, a Social Service Group, who are feeding more than 200 people every day, ever since the lockdown started, came with this idea “Physical Distancing with Social Solidarity“, by inviting more than 200 people from the LGBT community to a free market on Maharaja Tagore Road in Dhakuria, South Kolkata. The locals along with the local police helped in managing the crowd.

Srikumar Ghosh

The objective behind the initiative was to help the LGBT Community with essentials. Members of the community, who earn their living by begging on trains on the Sealdah South section were invited and they, in turn, brought in people from their community, Speaking about the initiative, Sri Kumar Ghosh said, “We kept essentials including groceries, vegetable and fruits at different counters and they picked as per their requirement. We named the initiative ‘Utsarga’“.

Though various nonprofit organizations and local police are helping people from the organizing sector including the LGBT community of the city by organizing free ration camps to help them survive in all possible ways, but Utsarga was the first such initiative exclusively for the community.

Tarun Mahal is planning to organize more such social initiatives in the near future. If anyone wants to help their initiative in any possible way, can contact Sri Kumar Ghosh: 9830649742.