‘Bois Locker Room’ Sparks the Debate for Reconsidering Adolescent Education

By Bipasha Biswas

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It is believed that when we educate a nation, we build a nation. In present scenario, parents ensure better education for their children, so that they can be better citizens of society.

However, all these seem to be far fetched after the chat of an Instagram group called “The Bois locker room” came to light. Teenage boys from reputed schools in South Delhi were found sharing pictures of under-aged girls, inappropriately commenting, body shaming, and the worse rape planning and threatening girls, including girls from their own classroom.

Though Police has started investigation over the issue and FIR has been launched, Instagram has been asked to provide the details of alleged accounts in the group. As the investigation step up more shocking releveation came to light like, the admin of the group is a 15 year old boy.

However, he now claims that he was added by one of his classmates during the last week of March this year. Members of the group are being questioned over the messages they shared on Instagram. Police have also issued notice to other members of the group asking them to join the probe in the coming days.

This incident has once again raised the issue of our development as a conscious society. In order to understand the psychological aspect of the case, we spoke to Kolkata based Counselling Psychologist Ms. Shyamolima Dutta. Speaking to News Sense she said, “until and unless sex education is made compulsory in school and to execute it properly, things will not change. Also, it’s not only the schools that should take responsibility but also the parents to look after their children’s mental and emotional status“. 

At the age of utter innocence, these boys committed a heinous crime and we are going to point out the reasons why and what possibly led to this.

  1.  Lack of Sex Education- Everyone from Parents to Teacher is ashamed of talking about sex and it’s importance in once life, it is rather one of the most important things to be taught. Neglecting this leads children to turn on to other sources and platforms to acquire knowledge about it, resulting in misinterpretation and misunderstanding.
  2.  Male Dominating Society- Since time immemorial, we have seen males dominating the society but days are changed. While the rest of the world is working on equality and equal responsibility, our society still boasts men and suppresses the women and their voice.
  3. Lack of parent’s involvement in their child’s life- We know the world is a busy place and so are parents. Working day and night to provide a better livelihood to their kids is totally acceptable but most of the parents have no clue of what their child is going through mentally and emotionally. At the age when a child’s hormones are changing, the parents are talking about their art class. Isn’t it funny?
  4. Entertainment industry- Kids are influenced by what they see and the entertainment industry plays a big role in adding fuel to the fire. It’s no hiding how the entertainment industry is growing these days. Showcasing women as an object, violence, drug and alcohol in film and webseries now forms the basis of normal and sophisticated life.

We highly believe that it’s not just the boys that committed the crime but it’s the society that are equally responsible for it. The environment we get, the love and time we miss from our parents, the needful education we need apart from maths and science, the entertainment that is so shameful. It’s not the time for Punishment But Education.

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  1. Very valid points covered. It’s all about education, not just in schools but at homes. It’s about treating the women on the family as equals-which I don’t think is going to change in the Indian society anytime soon. The stereotyping and biases against women are too deeply entrenched in the Indian society.

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