Low-Cost UV Disinfection Unit Developed by Southern Naval Command

As part of its efforts to contain the spread of COVID – 19 Southern Naval Command (SNC), has designed and fabricated an Ultra Violet Disinfection Unit, at Kochi taking inspiration from a concept paper published by IIT Mumbai.

The unit built at a cost of Rs 5000/-, comprises a metallic container, two UV lamps one each on opposite side, with aluminium foil pasted on its internal surfaces to facilitate UV radiation to reach every corner of the chamber. The efficacy of the equipment has been validated by a team of medical experts from SNC.

The portable unit, produced by Naval Ship Repair Yard (NSRY), Kochi is considered ideal for disinfecting small objects like currency notes, all kinds of cards, wallets, dairy, pens, mobile phones, keys, uniform accessories (e.g beret) and surgical instruments. It is best suited for disinfecting items on which sanitising gels and liquids cannot be applied.

The fabrication of the disinfectant unit is relevant due to the surface transmission aspects of the spread of CoViD-19 in society.