Fact Check: Ratan Tata Has Not wrote ‘We’ll Overcome Financial Crisis’ After the Pandemic

The whole world is fighting the Pandemic, India too is passing through its lockdown phase. Medics are fighting from the front, while experts, social workers, media and respective governments are trying to find out ways to contain the pandemic.

People needs more support and encouragement during this trying time no doubt, but recently a short article claimed to have been written by Ratan Tata is doing round on social media, claiming that he has said, in spite of the financial crisis, that is to follow the Pandemic COVID19, we’ll return.

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Experts speculate that the financial crisis has eroded following Coronavirus’ death toll.  I don’t know much about such people. But such is the perseverance of man.  It’s all about the collective effort I know you don’t. 

After the complete collapse of World War II, Japan would not be the future if experts were to be trusted.  If experts were right, Israel would be wiped off the world map forever.  But that has not happened.  According to aerodynamics, large bees cannot move.  But they are flying.  Because they do not know the principles of aerodynamics.

According to experts, we would not be anywhere near the 83 Cricket World Cup. According to experts, Wilma Rudolph, the first American woman to win four Olympic gold medals in athletics, could not have walked without help. According to experts, Arunima Sinha would have difficulty even living a normal life, but she conquered Everest.

The corona virus is no different.  I have no doubt that we will conquer Corona and resurrect the Indian economy.  Ratan Tata

We at News Sense, received several inquiries to find out the truth behind the post, so we decided to find out the truth. Ratan Tata from his verified

We also spoke to Mr. Debasis Ray, Tata Trust, Corporate Communication. Speaking to News Sense he said, “We are aware that such a post is doing round on social media, but I must clarify that, No, Mr Tata has not penned any such post or article“.

Thus we can say, that the post which is doing round on social media is FAKE.

NB: Don’t share or forward any misleading information on your social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp, by doing so you are also becoming someone, who is creating panic and confusion among the larger mass and this is a punishable offense.