Fact Check: COVID19 Can’t effect India much Says, Researchers

As the world is struggling hard to recover from the Pandemic, with 1,51,8719 positive cases across the world and death toll rising day by day. Keeping all these in mind and to contain the virus to spread further, India has called for a 21-day lockdown which started from 24th March 2020.

Medics are fighting the battle from the front, while researchers and scientists are working tirelessly to find out a solution to contain further spreading of the Pandemic. Meanwhile, a newspaper clipping is doing round with the claim that the effect of coronavirus in India is different from that of the western world. Three prominent doctors are said to have claimed that the effect of the pandemic is relatively less in India.

The message claims that in India, the Coronavirus found is of single spike (spike signifies intensity) while in Italy, China and America it is of three spikes. This message come in the form of a quote from three eminent Indian physicians namely Dr. K Srinath Reddy of the Public Health Foundation, Dr. Rajendra Prasad Tongra, Advisor to India at WHO and Dr. MC Mishra, former Director of AIIMS.

The message reached News Sense Fact Check Team from various sources with the request to verify the claims. So we started contacting the physicians, after trying for days we got in touch with Dr. MC Mishra (former Director of AIIMS), whose name is clearly mentioned in the viral message.

Dr. Mishra, not just confirmed the case but also gave a proper clarification of the statement. Dr. Mishra while speaking to News Sense said, “At this stage, we could not have any proper cure for the virus. But observing the pattern of infection in India we said that coronavirus might have moderate to mild impact in this country“. 

It is clear from his statement that the claims which went viral are not fake but real, which is now based on hypothesis only. Though no research has yet proved this statement that India will have only one spike in comparison to America, Italy, and China where COVID19 had three spikes.  

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