Opinion: Idea to Prevent Mass Gathering at Market Place

By Abhishek Guharoy

As we are all aware that Corona virus is an extremely contagious and is spreading very rapidly. Indian government has taken a measure unlike other countries of the world by declaring timely lockdown across the country allowing only the essential commodities to people.

And here the lies the biggest challenge, as fellow citizens are using this as an excuse to go out to the markets for buying vegetables fruits and other essentials. I must say that some areas have stood out by introducing some innovative ways by standing in queues at a distance from each other but in major cases these safety measures are not followed which can be very fatal.

While thinking I found an effective solution to this problem. Let us consider a scenario, suppose Raghu sells vegetables and Madan sells fish in the locality A. There are 59 streets in this location. Raghu on Sunday shall hire a Van and start selling vegetables in the locality. He shall cover 6-7 streets in each day. 

As in practical scenario there would be other vendors also they would cover other street numbers in the same locality. In simple words I want to convey that let the vendor reach customers this way to avoid daily early morning market rush.

Now, what to do if you love non veg food items such as fish and chicken. The fish vendor shall cut the fish already before hand and make ready packets of particular quantity as there would be hardly provision to cut fishes while they sell mobile.

I would request governments to shut down the local bazars completely and encourage them to be in mobile vans. These way citizens can be prevented from going to the markets and thus prevent the virus contamination.

As in West Bengal, Government has come up with a fish app where people can buy and get it delivered at our doorstep at a very nominal charge. I would request the Govt to promote the app, so that people are could buy from here.

My only concern in this trying time is the benefit of society. Hence I would request government authorities to please look into the early morning bazaar crowd with utmost importance.

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