COVID19 Warriors of Tarun Mahal

Amidst COVID19 Pandemic country is passing through complete lockdown with the instruction for everyone to stay inside their homes. Most of the people are staying but there are many who are homeless, who earn their living everyday and thus survives, but this lockdown has put an hold to everything for this human beings.

Dhakuria Tarun Mahal, a Youth club of South Kolkata come to them as lights of hope and survival by extending their hands to support nearly 100 street mongers and beggers by feeding them with food in and around Dhakuria area, 92 Ward of Kolkata Municipal Corporation.

Sri Kumar Ghosh

Speaking to News Sense, Sri Kumar Ghosh of Dhakuria Tarun Mahal said, “Apart from serving homeless with food, we are helping in providing medicine and other medical help, to the senior citizens of the locality

The initiative was started on 29th March and they hope to continue this initiative till 15th April 2020. Those who wish to help this initiative can come forward and donate whatever they can. For inquiry call Sri Kumar Ghosh in this number 9830649742