50 Journos reaches out to the needy everyday while reporting COVID19

50 Journalists, who are working day and night reporting the Pandemic COVID19 as part of their daily assignments also started a new initiative and that is to stand by the poor and helpless on the roads. 7 days back when the lockdown started the Journos representing Television, Print and Digital formed a WhatsApp group and decided to stand by the poor and helpless they found on the streets of Kolkata.

Moreover, they have made arrangements fixed a cook and started making food packets and every day around 1 pm, the reporters starts their searching for poor people on the road to feed them. It is a great experience they say as they are doing this service religiously. The pavement dwellers are now family to these journos as they plan every day their menu and distribute the food on time. The smile on the faces makes their day and inspire them to work fearlessly amidst the Pandemic.