Coronavirus Tracker Developed by Students at a School Laboratory in Goa

By Nibedita Sen

Goa: In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, students of Dr. K. B. Hedgewar ATL have risen to the occasion and developed a Community Helpful App that strives to give Goans an elaborate list of Home Delivery contacts.

These are area wise segregated for convenience of the user and has Grocery, Vegetables, Milk suppliers and most importantly Pharmacies that would home deliver medicines. The developers have said that they would be updating the app at regular intervals so as to incorporate new contacts for home delivery.

Shri Vilas Satarkar

Shri Vilas Satarkar, Headmaster of the school said, “It is really a commendable effort by Mast Sohail Bhandari and Mast Parth Sambary, students of class 9th assisted by Devansh Cholera an Engineer associated with AFA and guided by our ex-students Hrishikesh Bhandari, Sanket Marathe & Yashwant Rivankar. All are part of the Atal Tinkering Lab of Dr. Hedgewar School“.

As is known, the Hedgewar ATL team has also developed Corona tracker ( . The Corona Tracker provides real-time Authentic, intuitive and simple to understand worldwide Coronavirus statistics with Hyperlocalised Heatmap for India, the web-app also informs how far the user is from the nearest confirmed case. 

This tracker was launched way back on 22 February 2020 which is one amongst the first few trackers to be launched internationally. The said tracker and the team have made Goa proud, as this is the only tracker developed by All Goan students. The corona tracker has more than 146k users and growing and has been endorsed by NITI Aayog and Atal Innovation Mission. 

The Laboratory

Some of the  Hedgewar ATL students are in the process of developing a 3d printed Face Shield for the use of the medical staff handling the Coronavirus infected patients. Once approved for medical use, the product would be manufactured using the 3D Printers at Hedgewar Atal Tinkering Lab at Dr.K.B.Hedgewar High School, Cujira.

Meanwhile, the number of users for the corona tracker has touched 1.2 million users and goadelivery app.users have touched 21000 users. The Hedgewar ATL team has also contributed in the making of face shields and by now the first lot of 20 face shields are ready. The ATL is planning to donate them to the Goa Medical Hospital and College, Bambolim, informed ATL Incharge, Shri Chintamani Shirodkar.

For any other additional information, one could call either Chintamani Shirodkar ATL In-charge on 9579200467 or Hrishikesh Bhandari ATL Mentor on 8788056988.

Author Nibedita Sen is a Defence Correspondent turned Fact-checker, now associated with Alt News. Nibedita is awarded by the Government of Goa, two times for her contribution in the field of Media and Journalism.