Nightingale of Goa, Isha Kher answers medical needs amidst COVID-19

By Nibedita Sen

Panaji:  Thinking ahead of time, 22 years old Panaji based B.Pharm Graduate, Isha Sunil Kher launched her pharmacy-virtualization platform which is not only helping Goans across the state but also Goans abroad to deal with unprecedented lockdown due to novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). She has launched a web application that can help any online user to check the availability of medicine in their nearest medical stores and place an order for the same by visiting Also, Isha is offering free services to all pharmacies until COVID 19 lasts.

During my graduation course, I was interning with Hindu Pharmacy when online pharmacy concept started encroaching the pharma retail market but it had a lot of shortcomings. I wanted to supply medicine to people in their area which could be faster and efficient. As per law, delivery is not permitted, so we came up with a pick up based facility. I had conceptualized this in December 2018 and spoke to Uzoorba Technologies. We have launched the mobile application in January 2020,” Isha narrated.

Explaining the process of how to use the application in the smartphone she said, “One has to select a local pharmacy having the specific medicines one requires without calling or visiting multiple stores around. They can upload a photo of the medicine they need (viz. prescription, shopping list, product packaging) onto and/or type-search available items, add it all to the cart and send it to the available “real” pharmacies in their locality (presently in Goa only).”

One can also use it even if they are away/abroad and need to arrange medicines for their elderly parents or anybody sick in their family or even for friends/neighbors here in Goa/India,” she further mentioned keeping in mind about the percentage of Goans living abroad.

People all over the state are enquiring with these pharmacies hence through social media Isha is requesting pharmacies from different parts of the state to join us and to serve all Goans better. “The services of brizz are free until COVID 19 lasts. So urging pharmacies to join us free of cost,” she said. 

You can even chat with the pharmacy through our web app but have patience as the pharmacy staff keeps already over-stretched and might not be able to respond immediately. Online payments and door-step delivery is not yet available, Isha said. 

Furthermore, since the lockdown began, daily users have been over 100 and the maximum traffic is from Panjim city, Chimbel, St.Cruz, Ribander areas of Panaji and old goa.

Speaking about this initiative, the founder of Uzoorba Technologies Vincent Toscano mentioned, “We have designed this platform with extreme perseverance and sacrifices over the last 15 months. It comes handy in sourcing medical supplies from physical pharmacies while online pharmacies struggle with their deliveries.”

It is a very innovative and unique Idea. It’s importance got highlighted because of the lockdown,” said the owner of Hindu Pharmacy, Raj Vaidya.

If you encounter any technical issues in using this platform then do send us brief issue details (with screenshots if possible) at If you have any business inquiries by pharmacies or want to recommend a store to be added or want to extend this platform to your city then do drop a note to our client at

Author Nibedita Sen is a Defence Correspondent turned Fact-checker, now associated with Alt News. Nibedita is awarded by the Government of Goa, two times for her contribution in the field of Media and Journalism.