Shopping Maintaining Social Distance in New Town

People of New Town set a new example of decorum and discipline at the time of panic caused by the recent Coronavirus Pandemic. New Town Forum took the initiative by informing every resident to maintain Social distance while shopping and also arranging necessities from government-run Sufal Bangla and Haringhata meats. On the first day, the daily necessities reached nearly 14000 residents through different housing complexes and the forum plans to take the necessities to all the households, by which more than 60000 residents of New Town would be benefited in the days to come.

Samaresh Das, of New Town Forum, said, “We are trying to reach out to the maximum people with necessities at the time of need, with the government-run initiatives such as Sufal Bangla and Haringhata meat, thereby providing the services to the people at the government fixed nominal prices“.

The Forum is also planning to help the daily wage earners and decided to take care of 300 families, who live in and around New Town with their daily ration necessities which includes a packet comprising of 2 kg rice, 1 kg Potato, 500gm dal, Onion 250 gms and one soap shop for handwashing. It will be provided to them in the gap of every 3 days each family and for this a total of 2100 packet required. 

It is, therefore, New Town Forum and News Sense jointly appeals to everyone to come forward and help!