Brahmastra Warriors Revisiting the History of Bengal

The Brahmastra Corps embarked on an initiative to retrace the rich history of West Bengal and events related to the Battle of Plassey of June 1757 by means of a Cycling and  Sailing expedition traversing the hinterland of West Bengal from Plassey to Kolkata via Murshidabad.

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The event was conducted from 09 to 14 March 2020 in two phases. The first phase involved the team cycling from the War Monument at Plassey to Hazarduari Palace at Murshidabad, built in the nineteenth century by architect Col Duncan Macleod, of the Bengal Corps of Engineers under the reign of Nawab Nazim Humayun Jah of Bengal (1824–1838).

The second phase of the event starting at Murshidabad was Sailing along Hooghly/Bhagirathi River in DK Whaler boats of the Naval NCC Batallion. The sailing team covered a distance of 260 km and halted at historical places of Katwa, Nabadwip and Chinsura on their way to Fort William Kolkata.

20200314 202854 - Brahmastra Warriors Revisiting the History of Bengal

The team visited various historical places enroute which included the obelisks of Mir Madan, Nabe Singh Majari and Bahadur Khan; Nizamat Imambara and Jafarganj cemetery.

The team also visited many popular local tourist destinations such as Motijheel, Khosh Bagh, Madhaital Ashram and Chaitanya Mandir and interacted with locals and exservicemen enroute while at the same time spreading awareness on importance of our historical monuments and need for  preservation of the rich heritage of the State.

The expedition was flagged in on 14 March 2020 by Lt Gen Anil Chauhan, General Officer Commanding-in-Chief, Eastern Command.  The event was well appreciated for its noble cause and outreach intiative.

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