Indian Coast Guard Celebrates 44th Raising Day

Indian Coast Guard, an Armed Force of Union under Ministry of Defence, came into being on 01 Feb 1977 with a fleet strength of seven ships for surveillance of Maritime Zones of India. The Indian Coast Guard has completed 43 years of glorious service to the nation and is celebrating 44th Raising Day on 01 Feb 2020.

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Indian Coast Guard over the 43 years has matured into a professional and energetic force standing tall as the fourth largest Coast Guard of the world, persistent in its commitment to serve the nation and its countrymen. Indian Coast Guard Fleet has grown to 145 ships and 62 aircraft over the years to perform its mandated charter of duties.

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Indian Coast Guard is bestowed with the onerous responsibility of protecting our country’s interests in the maritime zones. The multi-mission concept of Coast Guard during peacetime broadly consists of Search & Rescue, Offshore Security, Anti-smuggling, Anti-poaching, Lead Intelligence Agency in Maritime Areas, Effective Pollution Response including those on requests from friendly littoral states and timely assistance to civil administration during the disaster relief in addition to patrolling vast expanse of 2.01 million sq km of the Exclusive Economic Zones of India. Besides these duties, the Indian Coast Guard is complementing the other armed forces in all matters concerning National Security.

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The role of the Indian Coast Guard is extremely diverse and is ingrained in its motto: ‘Vayam Rakshamah’ which means ‘We Protect’. Indian Coast Guard is today a vibrant force with state-of-art platforms having cutting-edge technology for addressing maritime security challenges. In the last few years, the strengthening of the overall maritime security apparatus of the nation has been accorded due to priority and the Indian Coast Guard has witnessed rapid expansion and modernization through capacity building on all facets viz. operational platforms, infrastructure with corresponding manpower.

Today, the Indian Coast Guard is a well-spread organization comprising 05 Regional Headquarters, 44 Stations, 02 Air Stations, and 07 Air Enclaves. As recorded, the Indian Coast Guard has successfully saved 9701 lives, undertaken 3595 ship sorties, 2495 aircraft sorties and evacuated 377 persons as part of Search & Rescue operations.


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