India-China joint Army exercise culminates

The eighth edition of India-China joint training exercise Hand-in-Hand culminated on 20 December 2019 at the Joint Training Node, Umroi, Meghalaya. The exercise was aimed at practicing infantry companies of India & China Army in joint drills of counter-terrorism operations in a semi-urban terrain under the United Nation mandate. The exercise entailed firing of each other’s weapons, the conduct of tactical lectures & demonstration by both countries with respect to various aspects of counter-terrorism operations. The exercise included physical training activities ranging from endurance runs, battle obstacle course sessions & games.

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The high joint training standards achieved by both contingents were on display during a 72-hour field training exercise which encompassed various drills requiring seamless integration of action of the part of troops involved in the facets of counter-terrorism operations in conjunction with grueling methods to execute the assigned tasks.

The exercise culminated with a glittering closing ceremony where the participating troops displayed high standards of military drill. In addition, the enthralling skill display was presented by troops of both countries during the ceremony.

The bonhomie achieved between the troops was at display during the campfire. The two Armies have gained from each other’s expertise and experience in the conduct of counter-terrorism & company-level operations.