Book Review: Self Guide to Astrology by Dr​ Santosh Lohia

Renowned Astrologer and Practioner Mrs. Santosh Lohia has touched yet another feat by bringing out her years of practice and to generalize astrology to the understanding of all by bring out the book ‘Aap bhi ban sakte hain Jyotishi’.

In simple words her work is a synthesis of both modern and traditional astrology, which is presented now for the first time in her book ‘Aap bhi ban sakte hain Jyotishi’. Until now no book has completed such a feat as thoroughly, consistently or successfully as Dr Lohia’s book. Though there have been attempts in the course of time, but none have been able to achieve such an all-encompassing synthesis so elaborately, not just from a technical perspective, but also from a philosophical and practical perspective. 

2 - Book Review: Self Guide to Astrology by Dr​ Santosh Lohia
Dr Santosh Lohia

The book is designed in a detailed step-by-step guide on how to understand and put into practice every piece of the process mentioned in the book. As Dr Lohia says, Astrology should not be limited to understanding of only few, but it can be understood by anyone and for the betterment of everyone’s life, one must atleast know little about Astrology.  

When Dr Santosh Lohia, started she was a novice without any Astrology master at home. She started to understand and learn the science of Astrology only out of curiosity, but that soon become a passion, now she is a professional Astrologer guiding everyone from politicians to celebrities. She is based out of Kolkata.

1 - Book Review: Self Guide to Astrology by Dr​ Santosh Lohia

Her book is well received in New Delhi where she went on to present the first copy of the book to Members of Parliament including Speaker of Lok Sabha Om Birla, who appreciated her effort in bringing out such an extensive book on Astrology.

Dr Lohia’s book is a manual for everyone. In order to get a copy of the book or for any special query Dr Santosh Lohia can be reached on her mobile phone number 9073878283 or email id: