Relief through Drone! Bihar flood victims find​ messiah in School Boys

Shahzeb Khan and his four friends Udbhav Vashud, Ratan Deep, Vikash Patel and Sushant, all students of Patna’s St Karen’s Secondary School are working tirelessly for last 3 days to drop relief materials to the flood victims in Bihar, where NDRF teams are unable to reach.

All five boys are students of class 12 and are at a very important stage of their educational career, but when they heard about the havoc being caused by flood every year in Bihar, they couldn’t hold themselves and started to work in their own way.

They themselves have developed the Drone and where the helicopters and rescue boats were not able to reach, the help of this young innovative boys was sought. The drone dropped mainly the food and medical items. They reached nearly 500 homes with relief materials in a very cost-effective way.

The drone operated by the boys reached out to most of the households in Kankarbag and Rajendra Nagar areas of Patna city in 3 days. Though in such an emergency situation, the relief initiated by this young schoolboys may not seem sufficient, but the spirit with which they plunged into actions speaks a great deal that the future of India is in safe and responsible hands.