‘Back to School’ with Round Table India

‘Being on time is a wonderful thing’, a tagline which has resonated with all Indians over the last 10 years. ‘Walking in time is the most wonderful thing’ in a person’s life. It brings back all the wonderful memories that one keeps adding in the course of one’s life and when the moment comes to relive them, it fills up a person’s heart with emotions, a joyous feeling.

It was with this sense of déjà vu that the tablers of CSRT17 (Calcutta South Round Table 17) felt that they must visit 2 of the FTE schools, Sarda Round Table Shishu Vidyapith (2004) and Hotar Marjada Jatiya Vidyalaya (2010), built by the organisation on the occasion of Teacher’s day.

So, they planned a small community service activity on the occasion and distributed over 500 food packets to all the children. The schools that was built by the organisation had flourished from the seed they have sown 15 years back had grown into a tree with fruits.

This year the theme of community service of RT17 is ‘Back to School’. Each month the RTI will visit one of our old schools and help them in all possible ways to sustain and grow in accordance with the mission of the RTI that is to impart education to all.

About Round Table India:

RTI is a voluntary, non-political, non-religious, non-profit organization which builds schools for underprivileged children. Members of RTI are well placed businessmen and professionals, under the age of 40, who volunteer their time and efforts to contribute back to society. 100% of funds raised by RTI are used exclusively and directly for social programs. Since 1997 Round Table India, under Freedom through Education, has built 2588 Schools with 6189 Classrooms at a total outlay of Rs.244.65 crore where the Infrastructure built will impact 6.80 million children in India.