Super 30 for 300 less privileged children

The ethos of Round Table India is Freedom through Education, which is an endeavour to create a spark or create impact in the society and bring about a change in the future generations. The theme and goal of the round table this year is Impact. Impact not only on the society but on individuals as well and little effort can help achieve this objective or atleast create a ripple effect.

With the objective in mind, Calcutta South Round Table 17 and Kolkata Knights Round Table 293 in association with Yeh Mera India NGO jointly organized the screening of the movie ‘Super 30’ for over 300 young children of our FTE schools at Carnival Cinemas in Salt Lake on 12th August.

The students between the age group of 7-15 years attended the screening followed by lunch and they were also given a wall clock each as a memento. The reason for selecting this movie was to inspire our young generations through the true story of brilliant mathematician Anand Kumar, who helps 30 smart underprivileged students prepare for entrance exams for the Indian Institutes of Technology every year.

A movie that has the potential to inspire and create an IMPACT on young minds to go beyond the normal and achieve greater heights is therefore chosen for the potential possibilities which are inherent in every individual and in the course of time which shapes into a meaningful life, and this was the sole objective of the organizers.

About Round Table India: RTI or Round Table India is a voluntary, non-political, non-religious, non-profit organization which builds schools for underprivileged children. Members of RTI are well placed businessmen and professionals, under the age of 40, who volunteer their time and efforts to contribute back to society. 100% of funds raised by RTI are used exclusively and directly for social programs. Since 1997 Round Table India, under Freedom through Education, has built 2588 Schools with 6189 Classrooms at a total outlay of Rs.244.65 crore where the Infrastructure built will impact 6.80 million children in India.