Book Review: My Seditious Heart by Arundhati Roy

My Seditious Heart is a compilation of essays written and published by famous author and activist Arundhati Roy. The book is released by publisher Penguin recently.

The book My Seditious Heart collects the entire works of the Roy, spanning over a period of 20 years, since she decided to devote her writings to the political essay as a medium of “opening up space for justice, rights and freedoms in an increasingly hostile environment”, in her words.

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In the book, Roy reveals some hard truths about the modern India and makes her powerful analytical observation into American and British foreign policy, aid, imperialism and attitudes.

According to her India is a country with extreme wealth and extreme poverty, opportunity as well as exploitation, cynicism and hypocrisy, ambition and greed, dynamism and thuggery. As she describes, “India lives in several centuries at the same time. Somehow we manage to progress and regress simultaneously.” 

She cites the example of workers, who work using candlelight through the night to lay broadband cable in order to accelerate the country’s digital revolution. 

Meanwhile, talking about the essays in My Seditious Heart, the publisher said in a statement, “Radical and readable, they speak always in defence of the collective, of the individual and of the land, in the face of the destructive logic of financial, social, religious, military and governmental elites”. 

Arundhati Roy, who is best known for her debut novel The God of Small Things that also won the prestigious Man Booker Prize in the year 1997. But her second fiction book The Ministry of Utmost Happiness was released after two decades in 2017. Both novels have been translated into more than forty languages. 

Meanwhile, Roy has also written several non-fiction books including The End of Imagination, The Algebra of Infinite Justice, Listening to Grasshoppers, Broken Republic and The Doctor and The Saint.

Taken together the essays in The Seditious Heart, traces Roy’s journey from her first book to her last The Ministry of Utmost Happiness, which is a journey marked by compassion, clarity and courage. While reading the book, the reader will get to see India from a different angle as well as see from a different point of view.

Book: My Seditious Heart| Author: Arundhati Roy| Publisher: Penguin | Pages: 993 | Price: INR 999/-

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