A Vet on a special mission to serve Disabled Animals

When one day a calf walked using his innovation “Krishna Limb” Dr. Tapesh picked it as a mission to serve disabled amputee animals across the country. He has recently fitted the limb to an amputated horse named ‘Shivaji’ rescued by PRCA organization in Kolkata to help the animal walk again. Dr. Tapesh is presently working as a government Veterinarian with the Rajasthan government and based out of Jaipur. But he does this service free of cost as his larger aim is to make people realize that with little human help lives of amputee animals can be better.

Through this work which is taken up with Pen Media Foundation, he has so far served more than 90 animals in 10 states and he sensitizes people about animal disability feels the need to focus on prevention of accidents and timely care to avoid amputation. But, after amputation also, life is not over for animal. He says since this is human-caused misery, we have the duty to bring back the dignity of life by supporting such animals and making them stand and walk again. 

Dr. Tapesh has been awarded as “Best Field Veterinarian” by Indian Society of Veterinary Surgery and his work has been selected recently by Ministry of Cultural Affairs as part of “Antyoday Best Practices’. He is also the first vet to become a member of a central committee of Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change to oversee cruelty aspect in experimental animals.

Dr Tapesh

He says people are emotional about animals but the scientific knowledge and clinical help that will help the society to serve them better. He says that success of his work is measured in growing public awareness as so far he guided about 400 owners on this aspect and deals average 2 cases per day seeking his help animals. He also advocates proper monitoring and communication for best results after fitting the prosthetic as this is a time-consuming process and patience is pre-connection for final good results.