Couple undertakes bike journey across the world for ‘Tiger’

Tiger, the national animal of India has been a symbol of Asian wilderness since time immemorial. An emblem of enigma, fearlessness and representing undaunting spirit, Tigers are on the way of getting endangered. It has been found in the Asian countries, three out of nine sub species are already declared extinct by 1980.  Journey for the Tiger is a project undertaken by a 42 years wildlife enthusiast Rathindranath Das from Kolkata who has been associated with Wildlife Crime Control Bureau for the past 4 years. 

The project, Journey for the Tigerinvolves the ride through bike to create and generate awareness about the importance of Tiger Conservation and the environment chiefly for the children and the youths. Rathindranath Das has been working for the anti-poaching and Wildlife conservation programmes conducted by the Wildlife Crime Control Bureau. While, this is his third mission for the conservation of wildlife and environment, his first venture started way back in 2016 with the mission of Save Forest Save Wildlife. The second project took initiative on saving the Rhinos as he conducted awareness programmes in several schools in West Bengal and Assam. 

The present project is undertaken by the wildlife fanatic along with his wife Geetanjali Das Gupta as they plan to present their project into 3 phases which would cover almost 50 Tiger Reserves across the nation and the other two phases would include cross border journey where they would travel countries like Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Laos, China, Russia, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh and Cambodia, which is a tiger range country.

While speaking to News Sense, Rathindranath said, “we tend to focus on our rights provided by our constitution, while we overlook our duties which are being written on the constitution itself”. 

Inspired by the part IV A, Article 51A/G of the Constitution, he felt that it is a fundamental duty of every citizen of India to contribute to the conservation of the flora and the fauna of the country. Rathin started this initiative of conserving Tigers across the nation and abroad as Tiger is the significant part of the food chain and as well as of the forests. If, tigers get extinct, the food chain would crash down as the entire eco system would be disrupted. Thus, his present project would cover all the 50 Tiger Reserves across India and create awareness among the villagers of the tiger populated areas. 

This remarkable initiative by the couple will be the first ever Indian couple to cover all the 29 states and the 7 Union Territories including Andamans and the Lakshwadeep islands of India in a single bike ride. Being a passionate rider and having unimpeded compassion for the environment and wildlife, Rathindranath Das has always contributed to the development of the Wild flora and fauna. In this incredible project undertaken by the couple, it is our responsibility to support them with our little contribution to the nature by planting trees and help the nature grow instead of helping in deforestation as at the end of the day, our requirements are indirectly fulfilled by the forests and the wildlife.