A Gesture to Inspire the fighters, fighting Cancer

By Amrita Guha

Cancer, the most life threatening disease not only drains a person physically but also mentally and emotionally. Being brave and facing the demon is the only option. It takes immense courage and self acceptance to come in terms of the hard life that is thrown down by this deadly ailment. A cancer survivor is not only a brave hearted individual but also a fearful fighter. 

4thFebruary is celebrated as the World Cancer Day all across the globe. It is the day to show respect to those who are fighting the disease as well as the survivors of Cancer. How often do we execute some meaningful actions which might be a bit difficult for us but help out people in need? 

On this Cancer Day, Meghna Apparao, the director of Amazon India undertook a great initiative to stand by the side of the cancer patients as she shaved her head to donate the hair for underprivileged cancer patients to get wigs. Being a woman and growing up with the stereotypes like “hair is the most beautiful part of a woman”, it was not easy for her to do what she had thought as she faced many resistance. 

However, Meghna, was pretty clear with her own strong thoughts which finally helped her to achieve what she wanted to do. The nervousness, anxiety and as well as the fear of social isolation dawned upon her but could not overpower her will of getting bald for a cause. With this idea while searching, she came in contact with a Chennai based organisation named Cancare Foundationwhich works for the underprivileged cancer patients and thus she started her journey of fundraising for them. The funds that are being raised from the donors are used for the various treatments like chemotherapy, surgeries and radiation therapies. 

From the experience Meghna Apparao went through, she felt the most important thing which she could overcome was the fear that is being carried deep inside. The revelations of these fears which often holds a person back, stops her/him from the ultimate goals. It is more about accepting and the coming in terms with the self. Courage, strength, kindness, acceptance, empathy work together unite people to fight against something as well as support a cause. The fundraising campaign is especially for the people who believe in #cashnothair but in anyway, one can always show support through a little contribution for these fighters and brave hearted souls. 

You also can stand by Meghna by donating using the link below https://www.ketto.org/fundraiser/baldforacause-cancer-care-for-underprivileged?