Enough is Enough, Stop cruelty against the voiceless

By Radhika Roychowdhury

Photo Courtesy : Jooinn

There are many people around the world, who are slaying on the voiceless creatures either to fullfill their selfish needs or to satisfy one’s own ego. Every creature on earth has every living right in this universe, then why only the human being dominates the right to live exploiting other beings either by eating or by using them to meet our ends. The time has come to be united and stand up against Animal cruelty. 

Many animal lovers considers pet’s as their friends and someone who can give you company at your lonely hours. But many a times, we distance ourselves when this beautiful and lovely creatures needs us the most that is in their illness and old age. The favorite pet becomes useless, when he or she is ill or old we often deserted them on roads and footpaths and allowing them to die.

The recent incident at Kolkata’s NRS Hospital reveals the inhuman part in most of us when the corpses of 16 puppies were found. Investigation later revealed the little puppies were killed cold bloodledly by two nursing students just because they loved and followed them. The puppies were dumbed in a garbage bin in three disposable bags by the nursing students. Pressure from animal lovers and activists, led to the arrest of both the accused, who also confessed to the crime later in the police station, but were later discharged.

Though many Animal lovers and Activists made it a campaign through social media and on ground, to fight against such cruelty but the movement died an untimely death. We shouldn’t stop such rightful movement but to keep the flame burning by fighting for the rights of the voiceless. Swami Vivekananda may have rightly said, that “One who loves every being is in real sense serves the God”, the worship must continue in the form of love and service and we must not stop ourselves when the rights of anyone is abused whether be human being or animal.


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